Waterford coaches attend 'iCoachKids' conference in Limerick

Waterford coaches attend 'iCoachKids' conference in Limerick

Brian O Neill with Sergio Lara-Bercial- Project Director of the iCoachKids project

Waterford Sports Partnership’s Youth Sports Development Officer Brian O Neill and Peter Jones, Sports Development Officer, recently attended the 3rd annual iCoachKids Conference.

This conference is aimed at improving child-centred coaching and took place at the University of Limerick.

The iCoachKids project is an international project, aiming to support the development of children and youth coaching to make sure all young people have a positive sport experience.

Brian and Peter were the only coaches from Waterford to attend.

Find out more at www.icoachkids.eu.

ABOVE: Peter and Brian at the iCoachKids conference in Limerick

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